Scoble dislikes new media release?

I am grinning at the notion of Robert Scoble being paid top dollar to speak at a workshop by the local chapter of the Social Media Club — a group that has rallied around the Social Media Release during their last two meetings. In this blog post, Scoble supports Stowe Boyd’s plea to “kill the social media press release idea now.”

“He’s right. I hate that idea too. Just give us a damn demo of your product and tell us about it.

“…we need to pre-write stories for bloggers and journalists since they can’t write their own opinions or reports down, right?

Maybe I should post that quote at the Phoenix SMC wiki?


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2 thoughts on “Scoble dislikes new media release?”

  1. Just for clarification, the March 1st workshop that Robert is speaking at is actually being organized by Francine Hardaway, not Social Media Club (‘SMC’), and is part of the Kauffman Foundation’s initiative (National Entrepreneurship Week) benefiting the Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation.

    SMC’s role in this event is to assist Francine with promotion and our Co-Founder, Chris Heuer, was invited to speak there as well.

    As for the SMPR, we are waiting to hear what Robert has to say once he learns more details around the SMPR effort. Either way, one of the philosophies we support at SMC is around differences of opinion and how we can come together to learn from each other and grow as humans.

  2. Glad you surfed over, Kristie. I’m going to say it…

    Wow. My weblog’s first comment.

    Your note not only clears the way that the March 1st event may possibly avoid an awkward moment (I’d still wager chocolate that Mr. Scoble addresses this in his presentation), but it has inspired me to dig a bit deeper…and, I tossed up a volley at the NMR Google Group.


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