James Burke’s Knowledge Web online

“James Burke’s Knowledge Web (K-Web) is the digital incarnation of Burke’s award-winning books and television series on the nature and the history of innovation. In a video introduction, he explains his hope that “K-Web will show that we are the products of history…the K-Web should show that in some way, everybody and everything is interconnected.”

[Burke’s] work, which anticipated both hyperlinks and even hypermedia, is perfect for the WWW. The K-Web is a powerful, interactive and intuitive exploratory open source omnipedia–a learning and teaching tool fostering multiple intelligences and complex thinking in more systemic ways; it allows understanding knowledge in context, generating new ideas, and exploring a universe of data to discover how seemingly unrelated people, events and ideas are connected across time and space.

K-Web is an immersive 3D knowledge navigation system for students and lifelong learners that may also be useful for knowledge manangement.


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2 thoughts on “James Burke’s Knowledge Web online”

  1. Since making the above comment, I have viewed the introductory video, and see that you are using The Brain. 3D Topicscape can import Brain files but, as it uses a 3D environment, can show much more at one time and allow zooming and flying around.

    It would be interesting to import the Brain files into 3D Topicscape and see how it changes the experience.

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