CC, Learning 2.0, bioChips, and a new FF extension

Joi Ito explains the Creative Commons license

Creative Commons licenses give you the ability to dictate how others may exercise your copyright rights—such as the right of others to copy your work, make derivative works or adaptations of your work, to distribute your work and/or make money from your work.

Read/WriteWeb lists apps for the Web 2.0 Backpack (web apps for students)

Zotero – “a free, easy-to-use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources.”

In the SciAm article “A Step Toward a Living, Learning Memory Chip” we learn of progress in developing biological computation components.

“The results…set the stage for the creation of a neuromemory chip that could be paired with computer hardware to create cyborglike machines capable of such tasks as detecting dangerous toxins in the air, allowing the blind to see or helping someone who is paralyzed regain some if not all muscle use.”


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