rich video and other delicious waves

Surf was up today, biggest waves included these:

language evolution in by Jon Udell. Included is a link to the IBM data visualization project named Many Eyes
“Visualization is a catalyst for discussion and collective insight about data…We believe that visualizations gain power when multiple people use them to communicate… We want to democratize visualization…”

Watch the World(s).
a remarkable Second Life machinima tibute to Vincent Van Gogh, by Robbie Dingo
An introduction to Yahoo Pipes
“…an interactive data aggregator and manipulator that lets you mashup your favorite online data sources”
Will Wright: Toys that make worlds
While guiding us through his newest game, Spore, Wright shares his thoughts on Montessori schools, Darwinian theory and long-term thinking, emphasizing, throughout, that Spore is not so much a game as an opportunity for discovery — “an imagination amplifier.”

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former microbiologist and teacher, scripter in SecondLife™; making things that do stuff

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