miracles minus mystery

I read a challenging supposition.

“…what if the whole water into wine thing is just a metaphor that you should turn something boring into a good time”

Well, what if, instead of seeing the water-into-wine story as a riddle to be solved…

Cana, as placed in historical atlas (1923)

instead of thinking the story accounts for a single, isolated instance of metaphysical magic or alchemy

we look at the fact that—during the days of Jesus’ walk on this Earth—Romans occupied Jerusalem, and…

anyone having “servants” and six stone water jars at the ready (see John 2:5) is also likely to have belonged to an entirely different social class (and possibly race) than Jesus or the folks he often accompanied.

Perhaps, caught up in the mystery himself, the scribe who later penned the personal account of the apostle John hoped to convey the relatively miraculous idea that—due to the influence of Jesus, his example of Love and Peace—those wealthy, upper-class folks at the wedding feast in Cana saw fit to go ahead and break out the good stuff for the un-entitled (who are likely to have been followers, finding benefit in seeking out or following Jesus).

Maybe this applies to loaves and fishes, as well. With Love, we share what we have and…

everyone has a seat at the banquet.

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