point solutions in education and an #edtechwishlist

Who solves the challenge of interoperability when educators are given a particular set of tools with which to work?

For example, one teacher imagines:

“a tool that would auto math/convert/input grades from a digital rubric (& docs/forms) into my gradebook”


Later, I learned this refers to PowerSchools + Google Drive.

  • How much incentive does Pearson™ need before investing in a plug-in?
  • Does Google use an algorithm to decide when to marry Drive to an external application?

Do Pearson and Google get this feedback? Do these remarks ever appear on the radar of developers, starter-uppers and investors? Is there a bottom-line where the horizon meets these challenges, or…

Do these hard-won notions get lost in the cloud?

Note: Pearson does mention API tools, and I have worked with G-Drive APIs, myself. (We may not be in the ballpark yet; but, we may have found a playground.)

Also, how and where is such feedback being shared? Please use the hashtag #edtechwishlist if you have a good idea for new applications, extensions, plug-ins or add-ons.

Toggling radar ON.