Animation Override

“Animation Override are animations that you can use to replace the standard Second Life animations, such as for walking, standing, flying, swimming, etc.”

Natalia Zelmanov has offered up several posts about this, including an introduction, tips on loading an AO into an object such as a prim shoe, and a tutorial.

Time to stop looking like a stick in the mud, get rid of that “somewhat rigid look” that all newbies exhibit…(cheers, KJ).


Tutorials for clothing design in VR (SL)

Nicola Escher – Virtual World Fashion Designer

“Nicola creates unique, hand-crafted clothing for virtual world avatars. Currently Nicola’s clothing can be worn and experienced in Second Life®, a virtual world run by Linden Lab™.”

Second Life tutorials developed by Doe-Hyung Kim, and the SL list of Video Tutorials