James Burke’s Knowledge Web online

“James Burke’s Knowledge Web (K-Web) is the digital incarnation of Burke’s award-winning books and television series on the nature and the history of innovation. In a video introduction, he explains his hope that “K-Web will show that we are the products of history…the K-Web should show that in some way, everybody and everything is interconnected.”

[Burke’s] work, which anticipated both hyperlinks and even hypermedia, is perfect for the WWW. The K-Web is a powerful, interactive and intuitive exploratory open source omnipedia–a learning and teaching tool fostering multiple intelligences and complex thinking in more systemic ways; it allows understanding knowledge in context, generating new ideas, and exploring a universe of data to discover how seemingly unrelated people, events and ideas are connected across time and space.

K-Web is an immersive 3D knowledge navigation system for students and lifelong learners that may also be useful for knowledge manangement.


Chat word frequency cloud

Here is a tag cloud generated from a recent online chat, courtesy of TagCrowd. Imagine having voice to text software peg an examination review into a cloud. Then, you could heads-up display it on your windshield on the way to class.

Was in a chat last night that would have made for a heady cloud, but was somehow lost from archiving… (Partner may have gone “off the record”).